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Program Overview
     In Zombie Tag, the Human players have to use their brains to plan out a winning strategy and possess the brawn to execute their plan while fending off the Zombies players. Midway during the game, players will swap roles between Humans & Zombies so that the game is symmetrical and fair.

     The game takes place in an arena where inflatable walls and obstacles are setup to simulate a variety of environments, as well as create hiding spots for Zombies & Humans!

Teamwork & Leadership

   "As the game progresses, we can really see the our team-members begin to wise up and coordinate their movement with each other. Otherwise we will never get pass the Zombies!"

     Zombie Tag (Singapore)'s game events are specially designed with a strong team element. If 1 or 2 team-members lack the discipline to wait for the right moment or follow the plan, and simply act on their own, the Zombies will be able to find a 'gap' to get through and 'eat' the Humans.

     Different weapons will work against different types of Zombies, therefore coordination & communication are really critical if you want to win the game.

     All missions are based on survival scenarios in a Zombie apocalypse. Each type of mission tests the team in a different way, and the difficulty levels vary.

Survivor Rescue
Protect a group of survivors from the Zombie horde and escort them to safety.

Supplies Scavenging
Collect necessity survival items without getting 'bitten' by the Zombies.

Trigger Happy
Zombies are rampaging through your base. Take down as many as you can!

     There are many ways you can kill a Zombie, which our Zombie Consultants will teach you. Below are some of the weapons that you can expect to use at our games.

Bow & Safe Foam Arrows
Pick up a bow and use Archery tag safe foam arrows at the Zombies!

Sniper Rifle
Shoots foam bullets far & fast, but bullets are limited, so aim and shoot wisely.

Sewage Shield
Made of safe latex, defend yourself with this movie-realistic Sewage Cover Shield!

     Ever hungry for human brains, Zombies must roam the arena to 'tag' & infect as many Humans as they can to bring the world to destruction.

Zombie Tag scary mask
Zombie Mask
Zombie players wear a scary mask, which gives protection & adds to the horror theme.
Safe foam hands for Zombies to tag Humans with
Gory Severed Hand
Made of safe soft foam, Zombies can use this severed hand to tag Humans.
Electronic sensor for tracking if someone got tagged.
Electronic Tagging Sensor
Worn on the front and back, these will BEEP and light up when you get tagged!


If you’d like to organize an Zombie Tag event for corporate team-building, birthday parties, general fun-play, please contact us and we’ll design a program suitable for you.

Email: ZombieTagSG@gmail.com
Phone: +65 9786 9083

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